About us

Ukrainian Private Enterprise Almaz-Malmaz-m_green conducts successful activity for 15 years and during this time the company showed itself as a reliable partner, both on domestic and international market of energy-saving technologies.

Directions of activity of our company form a certain productive chain, that allows us to involve all industrial links, fully to control a production process, and also to minimize own expenses on bringing in of services from outside.

To date “Almaz-M” PE successfully develops in following directions:

1. Making of equipment for processing of biomass and production of biofuel;

2. Production of ecologically clean compound mineral fertilizer ECOSOIL;

3. Production of hard biological fuel – sunflower husk pellets;

4. Trading activity.

The productive assets of our company are disposed over the territory of Ukraine, which makes the shipment of our production more convenient. Introduction of the newest technologies, use of made-in equipment and involvement of skilled personnel are the security of high production quality.