Ecosoil: fertilizing tips

Spring application. As nutrition basis is recommended to apply before or during seeding (planting) the crops. Granular form allows you to scatter fertilizer for corn planter. Scattering is possible, as in the aisles and on the local hole

During active growing season. As chlorine-free fertilizer Ecosoil is perfectly used as the main plant nutrition. The fertilizer is recommended to apply as side-dressing by adequate soil moisture.

As a fertilizer, not containing nitrogen, Ecosoil is an ideal mineral complex fertilizer for autumn application for all kinds of agriculture and vegetable cultures.

Here are the basic rates of Ecosoil application

Story culture Rate of application
g/m2 kg/are kg/ha
Wheat, barley, oats, buckwheat, rye 30 3 300
Corn, sunflower, winter and spring rape 40 4 400
Potatoes, topynambur, late cabbage 50 5 500
Carrot, beet, radish 50 5 500
Tomato, onion, pepper, eggplant, cucumber, pumpkin 30 3 300
Early cabbage, cauliflower 20 2 200
Garlic, peas, beans, rank, chickpeas 20 2 200
Parsnip, parsley, celery, radishes, lettuce, chicory 40 4 400
Watermelon, melon, rhubarb, sorrel, asparagus 30 3 300
Lettuce, dill, spinach, basil 20 2 200
Apple, pear, plum, cherry, apricot, peach, cherry plum, walnut 40 4 400
Currant, gooseberry, raspberry, strawberry 40 4 400
Grape 50 5 500
Ornamental hedge, evergreen hedge, living fence 20 2 200
Turfgrass 40 4 400
Garden flowers 30 3 300

In the case of repeated application throughout the year (sowing plus feeding) rates provided in the table are partitioned depending on the application amount.

The annual application rate for major crops (Table) is considered to be an average one and can vary depending on: soil composition, additional organic fertilizers, cultivar intensity.

When growing the seedling the recommended rate of fertilizer application is 0.5-1g per 1l of potting soil or soil.

By fertilizing trees and bushes the application rates (g/m2) are multiplied by area (m2) of the tree or bush crown. When planting tree 100 g of fertilizer Ecosoil is added to the planting hole and mixed with topsoil.

Since Ecosoil contains all the necessary mineral elements except nitrogen it is advisable to apply in spring additionally ammonium nitrate (N34) (not mixing with the fertilizer Ecosoil), urea (N46), or other nitrogen fertilizers. It is also possible to use additional phosphate fertilizers, such as: ammophos (R50N12), simple superphosphate (P19) or double superphosphate (P42).