Substitution of natural gas

The main and most successful line of activity of PE “Almaz-M” is the provision of services on replacement of natural gas “on a turn-key basis”.

To that end on customer’s enterprise the autonomous productive unit is set and brought into operation the Complex on natural gas replacement by means of biofuel burning.

We undertake installation, commissioning of equipment, work of the Complex, as well as an uninterrupted supply of raw materials.

How does the complex work

The biofuel from storage unit is fed pneumatically into the furnace where it is burned releasing heat energy, thereby reducing gas consumption.

To replace 1,000 m3 of natural gas it is needed up to 3 tons of raw materials.

The Gas substitution Complex working on biofuel allows to reduce gas consumption up to 80%, that in turn will reduce the cost of replaced gas which is lower than the market value.

Advantages of working with us?

  • We offer the creation of a complex with proven technology, taking into account all particularities of the manufacturing location.
  • The smooth start-up of the replacement technology as a result ensures Your Company a stable and real 70% replacement of natural gas throughout the year.
  • All design works, construction and installation of equipment, start-up, supply of biofuel and maintenance of the complex – at our own expense. 
  • Real economy. The price of thermal energy obtained by combustion of biofuel will be lower than cost of similar energy got from combustion of natural gas.
  • Absence of risks. There always is possibility to switch to 100% natural gas consumption.

Our projects:

Комплекс по замещению природного газа

Natural gas substitution complex

Natural gas substitution complex at iron-ore pellet plant of Ferrexpo Poltava Mining Pit

Project implementation:

Implementation of technology – 6 months,

Commercial operation – 1.5 years

Work on two rotary kilns for firing of pellets.

Result of substitution – up to 70% of natural gas at each kiln (150.000 m3/day, 4.000.000 m3/month).