Thermal energy supply

To date, about 90% of the operating boilers heat the room with gas, the rest – mainly coal. The first option is way to expencive, the other – not always convenient and environmentally friendly. Based on current realities, we developed a new activity, which was a well thought out idea.

We sell heat!

We are ready to provide and maintain uninterrupted heating process at Your facility, whether it be greenhouse, factory workshop, school, hospital, administrative or residential building.

What do we offer?

In a few stages we will switch Your present system of heating to the regime of the real economy:

  • Full diagnostics of the object to determine the status of current heating systems that identify possible heat loss and to plan efficiency;Отопление дома
  • Preparation of an individual project and receiving all permits;
  • Development and construction of new heating system;
  • Removal of old boiler and installation of new equipment; conversion of old boilers;
  • A steady supply of fuel material;
  • Maintenance, inspection and repair work.

  What do You get?

Низкая цена тепла

  • Real economy on heating up to 20%;
  • No efforts on development of individual project and receiving all permits;
  • Ready heating system according to Your wishes and our possibilities;
  • New heating equipment / converted old boilers;
  • Trouble-free biofuel delivery;
  • Services for maintenance and repair from our experts.

We can heat:

Отопление промышленных объектов

  • Residential buildings: houses, cottages, multi-storey buildings;
  • Social institutions: hospitals, houses of culture, schools;
  • Public and commercial enterprises;
  • Dryers, flat farms of different directions;
  • Production area: workshops, hangars, greenhouses.


Why so cheap?

  • The boiler equipment runs on solid fuel. Raw material, in contrast to gas, is easily accessible, much cheaper and is a renewable source of heat.
  • You receive delivery of fuel pellets directly from the manufacturer.
  • Possessing our own fleet, we will bring the fuel without additional costs on foreign shipping.
  • All works starting from audit of the boiler equipment and to the service produces our working staff without the involvement of the contractor

Our projects

Котельная, ботанический сад, Полтава

Botanical garden Poltava pedagogical Univercity n.a. V.G. Korolenko, 500 kW

Котельная. детсад, Полтавская обл.

Preschool Veselka, Poltava region, 200 kW

Школа-интернат, г. Полтава, 2МВт

Poltava specialized boarding school №2, 2MW

ПАТ Веселка

Private company Veselka, Poltava, 200 kW

Boiler room, hospital, Poltava

ООО «ПМЗ Денасмаш». г. Полтава. 200 кВт

Poltava mechanical plant Denasmash LLC, 200 kW