Fertilizer Ecosoil

Ecosoil  – is environmentally friendly, chlorine-free, phytogenic compound fertilizer, based on sunflower husk ash. A wide range of plant food ratios in one granule gives a possibility to fertilize effectively the full range of agricultural crops (cereals, oilseeds, industrial and forage crops) and reach a high level of profitability.

Production capacity 4.000 tons /year
Points of shipment: Kropyvnytsky (Kirovohrad), Poltava
Package big-bag, polypropylene bags, in bulk
Shipping by rail / truck

As alkaline fertilizer (pH 10-11) Ecosoil has high neutralizing capacity, thereby capable of reducing the acidity of the soil. Ecosoil contains up to 25% of calcium and magnesium carbonates (CaO, MgO), that is, 1 ton Ecosoil by neutralizing capacity equivalent to 0.35 tons of lime.

Ecosoil does not contain chlorine, so it can be used for such chlorine sensitive cultures as potatoes, vegetables, fruit and berry. Also applied in a row fertilization or side-dressing under sunflower, winter and spring rape in its pure form, and a composition fertilizer mixtures  combined with carbamide and ammophos.

The main active ingredient of the fertilizer is potassium (K2O) in an amount of 36-42%. Due to the water-soluble and readily available for plant form of carbonates (K2CO3) and sulfate (K2SO4) the Ecosoil shows high efficiency in the early stages of development of green crops, corn, sunflower, winter and spring rape during the spring presowing application under cultivation.

Beside potassium (K2O) and calcium (CaO) Ecosoil contains 5% phosphorus (P2O5) 8.12% Magnesium (MgO) 4-6%, and sulfur (S). Thus, the total content of primary nutrients in Ecosoil is not less than 70%, which is the highest among other industrial granular fertilizers such as ammonium phosphate (64%) or potassium chloride (60%). This is not surprising if we take into account the fact that the fertilizer Ecosoil made on the basis of the ash of sunflower – crop, which consumes a large amount of soil potassium and other macro-and micronutrients.

Ecosoil contains all the necessary minor plant nutrients, making it advantageous to use this fertilizer on crops such as winter and spring rape, sunflower, corn, potatoes, vegetables, requiring a large number of trace elements, especially boron, zinc, manganese.

As a result of the application of Ecosoil besides increasing the yield:

  • Rise of dry matter content (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) and improvement of the product quality, also increases plant resistance to low temperatures;
  • Corn: improves plant resistance to stalk lodging, also root and stem rot;
  • Cereal crops: increasing the protein and starch content in grain;
  • Sunflower and rape: oil content growing, increases resistance to plant diseases.

As far as Ecosoil is an all-purpose fertilizer and applied successfully on field, in yard and garden, Granular fertilizerthe fertilizer is packaged with maximum comfort for the buyer:

  • plastic bags 2 and 5 kg for gardeners;
  • polypropylene bags 20 and 40 kg;
  • Industrial application on the fields – big-bags 1 tone weight for bulk delivery.

Due to the granular form Ecosoil dissolves gradually, is not washed out of the topsoil and has a certain aftereffect.

Granule size:

  • 3-6 mm (middle fraction) is recommended for mechanized applications, as well as for the production of fertilizer mixtures (blends);
  • 1-3 mm (fine fraction) is recommended for gardeners.