Thermal energy

Our aim – to give to the customer a new alternative of economy of fuel in industrial scales, using innovative approaches, giving the same to the enterprise power independence.

What do we offer to our customer?

Substitution of natural gas

Thermal energy supply

Who might be interested in working with us?

  • Private property owners, wishing autonomize heating system in own house.

  • Representatives of social institutions: schools, hospitals, culture clubs, etc.

  • Business owners with large storage and production areas.

  • Enterprises-giants, plants, combines, where the consumption of natural gas is expended in industrial scales.

How it works?

  1. Our specialists visit a customer site, study the working conditions, especially functioning of equipment.

  2. Design Bureau develops the project of equipment, taking into account possibility of placing on  the customer’s object.

  3. We also undertake all necessary permits and approvals to official authorities. In the end, You get ready documents.

  4. On our production base all complex of equipment is created and tested.

  5. Installation works, commissioning and starting-up are also produced by our experts.

  6. At will of customer, we reserve service and repair works.

  7. As a manufacturer of biofuel, we are able to supply raw materials to the object by using own trucks.

Our industrial potential

A powerful logistics center of 50 units special freight transport that can supply biofuel to any settlement of Ukraine.
The design-engineering department develops any industrial ideas according to customer requirements.
At own mechanical plant all necessary equipment is produced with applying innovative technologies.
Production and ware-house capacities in Poltava, Mykolaiv, Kropyvnytsky, Horishni Plavni and Dnipro with ability to process and accumulate 10-15 thousand tons of biofuel for simultaneous storage.